1What level of security does it have?
  • Perimeter security
  • Security camaras
  • Security staff
2What if an act of theft or accident is committed?
Cameras cover the entire perimeter but individual vehicle monitoring is not assured (Specifically, they usually ask about the theft of batteries).
3Aren't there different prices for short and long parking spaces (Ex: container trucks)?
No, all parking spaces are the same length and the price does not vary due to size or ease of maneuvering.
4 In which cases do I have to pay a deposit?
Only in the case of fixed parking spaces. Deposit is paid per place (€ 363).
5How can I check the availability of parking spaces?
For fixed parking spaces, you have to consult it in info@yubick.com or in the telephone number +34 900 102 421. For rotating parking spaces check the app.
6 Is the entry of users not belonging to the company allowed (eg garage; "my cousin"; the boss who comes once a year with his car, etc ...)?
Anyone who wants to access the parking lot must be registered as a user. The procedure consists in all cases of registering first through the app and in the case of fixed parking spaces, companies will be able to associate themselves with users who are already registered in the app, in order to directly manage their registrations, etc
7Are repairs allowed at the Yubick premises?
As long as they are minor repairs and do not harm the facilities or other users (no oil changes, no wheel changes, it is not allowed to invade attached parking spaces, or block vehicle access...).
8What if I want to manage personnel and vehicles?
For rotating parking spaces, it is the user who makes the reservation in the app. In the case of fixed parking spaces, first the users who are going to access the parking lot have to register in the app and after that, the company they are working with has needs to go to https://admin.yubick.com/fleet-manager/login , Create your account and from here you can manage your users access (if they are not previously registered as users, the company will not be able to associate them with it).
9Are DG (Dangerous Goods) allowed?
They are not allowed.
10Are special vehicles allowed (due to their dimensions)?
Yes, as long as the vehicle does not exceed the size of the parking space.
11Are mega trucks allowed?
Yes, but they would use two parking spaces, therefore 2 reservations.
12How many vehicles can be parked per parking space?
A single vehicle, taking into account that it is considered as ONE SINGLE VEHICLE, each of the following options:
  • Tractor head + trailer or semi-trailer
  • Trailer or semi-trailer without tractor head
  • Tractor head
  • Private vehicle

Thank you for trusting Yubick as a safe refuge for drivers and trucks.
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